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Back in 2018, I created a newsletter to share all the calls for pitches that I can find on Twitter. At the start of the pandemic, I upped it from once per week to twice per week. That's roughly 100 opportunities per week.

All info at Oppsoftheweek.com

The suggested cost is $4/month, but if that's not possible, pay what you can (truly). If you can't afford to pay anything, please get in touch about a sponsorship via email (sdweiser@gmail.com). If you prefer, feel free to send me money via Paypal (sdweiser@gmail.com) or Venmo (@sonia-weiser) instead.

I used to use Patreon, but as of December 2022, am going to give Ghost a try.

You will receive your first newsletter the Tuesday morning or Thursday night after you sign up. Newsletters arrive every Tuesday around noon and Thursday night sometime around 5pm although timing may vary.

As of now, over 8,000 people subscribe to the newsletter with over 1000 receiving it for free due to financial hardship.

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